We are excited to announce our new website and rebranding!

We’ve redesigned the look and feel of our brand, drawing upon inspiration from our Spanish name that translates to “group of flowers” or “flower group.” We think “flower group” symbolizes the heart of our business – a living ecosystem with multiple segments all working harmoniously towards a common purpose. Cannabis flowers symbolize our brand and are the foundation of our industry. This symbolism represents every path we take and partnership we form. Whether we’re working with properties or developing new products, cannabis flowers are at the root.

Cannabis flowers develop at the point in cultivation when the plant is in full bloom, the result of positive nourishment and hard work that are essential for the plant to flourish. This flowering is a moment in time that represents opportunity and harvest. It is this combination of thriving in the present while envisioning the future that Grupo Flor works to embody. Our Spanish-language name reflects our deep respect for the diverse community in which we were founded, and that we invest in to this day.

Nidhi Lucky Handa, the CEO who conceived the LA-based LEUNE brand that is disrupting the cannabis market with its pre-rolls flavored with natural terpene infusions, has partnered with Grupo Flor to handle their manufacturing and distribution.

LEUNE has two distinct flavor profiles, Cloud Berry and Desert Gold. LEUNE also creates all-in-one vaporizers of the same names, devices that stand out for their quality, ease-of-draw and notable potency. LEUNE products are top sellers in CA dispensaries across the state and can be found statewide on Eaze.com.

“We are excited to partner with industry leaders like Nidhi and we appreciate her team’s commitment to quality and consumer safety,” said Gavin Kogan, Grupo Flor Board Chairman & Co-Founder. “It’s no surprise that LUENE’s products are top sellers and I can’t think of a better Mother’s Day gift and way to honor a female-owned business.”

Visit Leune’s website

Breaking new ground for a greener future

We recently broke ground on Flor Cultivation’s new indoor 20,000 square foot state-of-the-art production facility. When completed, the facility will include agronomic technology, green HVAC, hydroponics, Fluence LED lighting systems as well as a major focus on research and development. Keeping with our commitment to sustainability, our systems will recapture 75-80% of the water used and we are reducing energy through Fluence LED lighting and specialized HVAC systems. “This new facility is being designed as a three-tier vertical farm that replaces the traditional single-tier cultivation facility. This not only reinforces our commitment to sustainability, but also optimizes revenue per square foot, with all the phases of cultivation,” said Paul Henderson, Grupo Flor CEO.

Creating New Jobs in Our Community
Meet some of the new faces at at Grupo Flor

Jonathon Strnad
Design & Construction Director
Jonathon joins us after his recent role as Principal for Kasavan Architects. As a licensed architect, he brings with him over 18 years of design and architectural experience throughout California and Rhode Island.

Christine Meyer
Brand Manager
Christine joins us most recently from her venture at L&F Wood, LLC, developing a national brand image for luxury commercial and residential wood flooring. She brings with her 15 years of experience in business management and brand development.

Davis Lawyer
Chief Revenue Officer
Davis brings with him 10 years entrepreneurial and strategic business experience in the Cannabis industry focusing on brand building, cultivation management, wholesale flower distribution and retail delivery.

Yesenia Marrujo
Senior Staff Accountant
Prior to joining Grupo Flor, Yesenia was Assistant Controller for Growers Transplanting, Inc. She brings with her over 10 years experience in accounting in the agricultural industry.

Spencer Holeman
VP of Bay Area Operations
Spencer brings over 40 years entrepreneurial and business development experience throughout the San Francisco area. Spencer joins us most recently from his Founder and President role at Children’s Empowerment, Inc.

Cristina St. Germain
Office Manager
Cristina’s background is in administration and cannabis operations, with over 8 years of experience in the tri-county area, most recently as a Trust Administrator for The Law Firm of Nicora & Hespe.

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