Local Look

A New Beginning
Jennifer Rosenthal Iverson, Esq.

Jennifer is a local cannabis and criminal defense attorney and Vice President of MCCIA. The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and does not reflect an official position of the Association.

July 1 marked the beginning of new and exciting times at both the State and local levels.  The most impactful regulations facing operators are the testing and packaging requirements.  These requirements have had a substantial effect on the market. Across the state dispensaries and retail facilities are experiencing the fallout of the supply chain.

The County of Monterey is gearing up on enforcement for all cannabis operators.  As indicated in the County’s recent memorandum released June 29th, in order to remain in good standing you must submit your conditional use permit application by August 1, 2018.  If you do not submit your conditional use permit application you will not be able to continue cultivating on site.  Further, the County is conducting both canopy audits and inspections for building code violations. Any building code violations found on site could have a substantial negative impact on the operator’s ability to continue cultivating and moving forward through the regulatory scheme.  If you are conducting structural improvements to buildings and greenhouses it is critical to go through the required permitting process.

In addition, the County and State will be issuing enforcement actions against all entities that are currently operating with over 25 employees and do not have a permitted public water system. If you are operating with more than 25 employees it is critical to start the process of the State Public Water System application.  The process alone can take up to 6 months and your conditional use permit application will not be deemed completed until you have submitted your application.

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