Grupo Flor is driving innovation and building a top selling brand!

Driving Innovation

We’ve taken methods from the old-world tobacco trade and given it new life with our 1950’s Cigarillo Roller from the Dominican Republic, typically used for rolling cigars. After nearly a year of design and retrofits, this classic machinery is now ready to create our pre-rolls and blunts. This process is nothing short of an art form as our technicians feed paper into the chamber while the machine precisely measures the flower. This technique combines manual operation with innovative technology that monitors the amount of pressure on the flower to protect the product’s integrity. Under the careful eye of expert technicians, the Cigarillo Rolling Machine can produce 1,000 units within an hour, creating the perfect pre-roll or blunt.

“We are continually looking at ways to innovate and the Cigarillo Rolling Machine is an opportunity to transform technology to create efficiency in our production process while maintaining precision and personalized attention to the flower,” said Paul Henderson, CEO of Grupo Flor.

Welcoming White Fire to the Family

Grupo Flor has signed an LOI to acquire White Fire Dispensary located in San Jose. In three in years of operation, White Fire has become a leading San Jose dispensary in both revenue and customer service. White Fire also operates a successful delivery service in the San Jose area. 

“I’m extremely impressed with White Fire’s efficient operations and ability to alleviate wait times with its unique express lane pickup for those who want order ahead. This acquisition gives us key licenses in the Bay Area and access to seasoned retail talent,” said Paul Henderson, CEO of Grupo Flor.

Fun Fact: Smoke Stacks is California’s Top Seller!

Grupo’s own Smoke Stacks™ flower brand has been flying off the shelves in dispensaries across California. We are humbled to announce that in 2018 Smoke Stacks™ was the 5th best-selling flower brand and ranks as the #1 selling greenhouse flower in the state of California!

Our Smoke Stacks™ brand sources clean cannabis from Grupo Flor’s family of independent cultivators throughout Monterey County.

Source: BDS Analytics

East of Eden Updates

Big News – To better serve our customers, East of Eden is now open 7 days a week from 8am-10pm. We will soon be accepting credit cards and ATMs for in-store purchases!

Thanks For Stopping In – Our most recent Customer Appreciation Day served over 1,500 customers with amazing deals from our suppliers.

See What The Buzz is About – We now carry 80 strains of flower and 70 concentrates from all the top selling CA brands.

Washington moves closer to delivering protections for banks serving the cannabis industry

There is a 75% chance of “banking clarity” for cannabis companies in the current session of Congress, said Isaac Boltansky, director of policy research for Compass Point Research and Trading, in a recent note.

Other experts say the chances for an actual cannabis-banking law are below that level, but we remain optimistic that Congress will do the right thing.


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