Distributing the highest quality cannabis throughout California

Regulatory compliance and accountability is the “What” we do; but it’s really the “Why” we do and “How” we do distribution that sets FlorX apart. FlorX is the distribution arm of Grupo Flor and its run by cannabis retail veterans, supply chain logistics experts and straight-up process nerds who combined efforts create a killer distribution service with one singular goal: reduce back-end hassles so shop owners can focus on the front of shop.

“FlorX is paving the way with cannabis distribution by embracing forward looking supply chain strategies. The team at FlorX is obsessed with procuring quality product and delivering world class customer service.  The team at FlorX is also very focused on compliance to local and state regulations. This has allowed FlorX to be there for dispensaries when others were not prepared, said Steve Podell, President of Distribution.

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