Grupo Flor will soon be the largest oil manufacturer in CA with the ability to produce 14,600 kilos of oil per year between 3 labs at full capacity


Custom built proprietary CO2 extraction technology that produces the highest crude oil with minimal energy consumption designed and built in conjunction with General Separations and Cool Clean Technologies, global leaders in CO2 tech.

We use leading technology to automate distillate production which allows operations to run more efficiently than competitors. Our machines cut down on processing time and cost by producing winterized oil that is able to be directly fed into distillate equipment. This high-tech CO2 extraction and post-processing distillate result in up to 97% purity for our oils.

24-hour run capability and scalability to meet demand.


Our industry experts in oil processing and product creation have years of experience formulating custom oil blends for a diverse array of product offerings and businesses. Using our advanced technology our team captures all terpenes during extraction and creates proprietary vape pen blends with custom terpene profiles for leading CA brands all over the state

We offer precise compliant packaging and labeling services using advanced techniques and stringent quality control


Able to produce 500 blunts an hour, 1000 flower packs an hour, 650 pre-rolls an hour

Full capabilities to manufacture a wide variety of products including blunts, live resins, extracts, pre rolls, edibles, snack foods, mints, pills, topicals, tinctures, and vapes