Colombia is Our First Country of Focus

Why Colombia

Colombia has optimal growing conditions for cannabis

Positioning on the equator provides 12 hours of light throughout the year, quality soil, abundant water, and warm weather

Allows for year-round cultivation without the need for supplemental light

High elevation leads to improved pest mitigation

Country is dominant in flower exports

“Colombia could capture as much as one-fifth of a global market that could be worth $40 billion a year…” *

* Reuters March 2018

We have acquired a suite of licenses allowing for cultivation, manufacturing, medical research, and global exportation

Our Colombia Operation Highlights

  • 10,000 acres of prime farmland for growing row crop style
  • Buildout in Colombia is in process, with products reaching consumers by the end of 2019
  • Partners that were instrumental in building the Colombia cut flower market over the past 45 years
  • GMP oil extraction laboratory
  • Set up breeding and nursery laboratory with seeds already being sprouted and evaluation of genetics in process
  • Building an open air greenhouse to mother out plants and do a first planting and harvest in order to optimize genetics for the environment
  • Registered as a seed producer with 85 proprietary strain genetics of CBD and THC allowing us to exclusively own these strains globally and use them in an advanced breeding program

Our goal is to become the largest CBD producer in the world