We are the largest distributor in California as measured by product portfolio, geographic presence, dispensary penetration, and revenue

4 distribution hubs allow for 48-hour order to delivery turnaround time and the ability to serve 95% of licensed dispensaries

We sell and distribute portfolio brands into dispensaries and delivery services via four major distribution locations in CA helping brands to achieve vast market penetration and consistent growth

Providing hands on sales, marketing, and delivery logistics support for our partners and customers in all territories throughout the state


CA state-wide sales team covering all major metropolitan areas providing extensive brand support and cannabis education directly to shops

New state-of-the-art fleet of delivery vehicles, including refrigeration, delivering to all territories twice weekly


Strong relationships with leading CA testing labs ensure we receive quick service, results that are in compliance with up to date cannabis laws,  and rapid turnaround times minimizing the amount of time products are held up in compliance testing


Product and supply are stored at a secure climate controlled facility ensuring longevity, consistency, and freshness with all processing documented on video and reviewed with our Compliance Officer

We provide all our clients crucial savings in cost, liability, quality, time, and elimination of product loss