The most diverse array of cannabis growing facilities in California


Our genetics team has a library of 600 different genetics breed, tested, and perfected over the last 20 years. We continue to expand our portfolio to make new ground breaking discoveries. Using our genetic bank, we match brands to genetics which helps supply and demand.


We run one of the largest and most recognized wholesale nurseries in CA (Top Hat Flor) producing 10,000 clones per week. Supplying cultivators from San Diego to Santa Rosa, our cloning and teen program has become a necessity for all types of growers.


We operate 80,000 sq ft of state-of-the-art greenhouses with a world renowned rose grower. We are in the process of retrofitting another 200,000 sq ft of greenhouses.

We also operate a 20,000 sq ft of a 3-tier LED indoor grow in partnership with Fluence Bioengineering using the most efficient lights on the market. We have dedicated 8 R&D pods to conducting controlled lighting experiments with different isolated light spectrums for optimal growing pushing the envelope of cannabis lighting boundaries. Using less energy and HVAC, we can see yields as high as 3 ounces per square foot.

We utilize biological based substrates, custom fertilizer blends allowing for ½ the use of other cannabis grows, and conservative irrigation practices recapturing water for total recycled water use.

Branded Cultivation

Our focus is on knowing exactly where final flower is going before it’s even planted. This creates a highly efficient forecast model for growing allowing us to match supply and demand. We are working with brands to grow specific strains on their behalf and we are eliminating inventory risk with guaranteed sales contracts.