We have developed the first ever Cannabis Commodity Trading Desk

Desk works with a network of suppliers and customers as a clearing house

Traders only allow the most qualified partners into the trading network

Developed a proprietary commodity trading software platform for cannabis

Traders host a weekly call with partners where current pricing and trends are discussed

Data created through the desk will eventually lead to the creation of financial instruments (futures contracts)

CA THC market

Serving as crucial logistics provider moving the physical goods around the state via our licensed transportation and licensed warehouses

Value added in the market as the QA/QC touchpoint providing quarantine in our licensed warehouses

Global CBD Market

Large network of hemp CBD farmers across U.S. built over years through our extraction equipment partners

Creating a network hub with select farmers owning more than 1000 acres in order to provide one branded channel of sales and distribution of raw materials

*Domestic and International    **California

*Domestic and International    **California

Trading Desk: Illustrative Example

  1. Supplier has 100 liters of distillate oil. They contact the desk and negotiate pricing to sell all 100 liters.
  2. Desk reviews all compliance information and updates supplier licensing and compliance test results.
  3. Based on oil specs, desk contacts vetted purchasers of distillate oil. Buyers are made up of vape pen companies, edibles manufactures, and other infused manufactures.
  4. Desk takes orders for delivery over the next several weeks, buyers commit to between 5-30 liters each depending on needs.
  5. Desk picks up oil and delivers to Grupo Flor warehouse for storage and staging.
  6. Desk coordinates delivery to end customer based on weekly distribution routing and provides storage and staging, desk pays supplier a 25% deposit. Desk communicates delivery date with customer and picks up cash COD, and Desk pays supplier remaining invoice balance.