Grupo Flor is a multinational vertical cannabis ecosystem bringing innovative brands and quality products to consumers around the globe

Grupo Flor is bringing innovative brands and quality products to consumers around the globe

Our History

A pioneering group of Salinas Valley entrepreneurs came together in 2015 with a shared vision to bring greater prosperity to their community and to elevate the entire supply chain of the cannabis industry. At the time, the Central Coast had a fledgling greenhouse infrastructure and predominantly low-paying jobs since the cut flower market in the area had been decimated. Grupo Flor recognized that cannabis had the potential to revitalize infrastructure and boost economic development. By touring local officials through Grupo Flor’s cannabis facilities, and proposing reasonable ordinances, local officials were shown how the burgeoning legal cannabis industry could spur substantial long-term economic vitality for the region. The team’s efforts were rewarded with passage of local cannabis legislation in November 2016 and the grant of considerable local permits the following year.

With their deep experience, expertise, and commitment to the community, Grupo Flor has expanded operations beyond the Salinas Valley throughout California and into the global marketplace in Real Estate, Cultivation, Manufacturing, Distribution, Services, Marketing, Delivery, and Retail. Today Grupo Flor continues to drive innovation and opportunity in the cannabis industry and in the community beyond.

Our Name Our Brand

Grupo Flor translates to group of flowers or flower group in Spanish and gets to the heart of our business, which is a living ecosystem with multiple segments all working harmoniously towards the same purpose. Cannabis flowers are the symbol of our brand and the foundation of our whole industry and every path we take and partnership we form from real estate to selling quality products has cannabis at its roots. Cannabis flowers are the point in cultivation when the plant is fully ripening in bloom and expressing all the positive nourishment and hard work that has allowed it to flourish. This flowering is a moment in time that represents opportunity and also harvest, and it is this combination of thriving in the present while envisioning the future that we at Grupo embody as well. By choosing a Spanish name we wanted a reference of respect that reflected the predominantly hispanic community that we were founded in and that we invest in to this day.

Our Operations

Our footprint encompasses 1.5 million square feet of real estate operations throughout CA and growing. As one of the largest CA operators with over 29 local and state licenses, and partnerships in Colombia, we are expanding throughout the U.S and the globe. In all of our endeavors we seek to bolster economic growth and offer career opportunities to the local communities.

Our base of operations in California is our focus

California is the world’s largest cannabis market with a projected market size of $25 billion and increasing 12% year over year. It’s the nation’s most mature and established cannabis market.

Cannabis brands thrive in CA and with a large investment in real estate and all aspects of the supply chain we are well positioned to capture significant market share.

Our 1.5 million square feet of cannabis real estate operations under management and growing, include greenhouse cultivation, a nursery, indoor cultivation using proprietary LED lighting in partnership with Fluence Bioengineering, manufacturing & extraction labs, multiple retail spaces, and 4 delivery hubs throughout the state.