4 Common Questions About Investing In Cannabis

It’s been 168 years since the gold rush and with legalization of cannabis California, Grupo Flor is smack dab in the middle of a well publicised “green rush.” This is energizing a whole new crop of investment and participation interest in cannabis. It seems whether we’re at a local basketball game or dinner party, whenever someone hears that we’re in the cannabis industry, the first questions is, How do I get involved? This is usually followed by a litany of questions about investing in cannabis and Grupo Flor’s activities. Here’s the top 4 most common questions we get asked together with our answers, about investing in cannabis, including Grupo Flor’s current investment round.

1. What’s all this talk about a “Touch” and “No-touch” Cannabis Company?

“Non-Plant Touching” or “Ancillary” companies are generally involved in providing a product or service to the cannabis industry, but are not directly involved with monetizing the cannabis plant itself. In contrast, “Plant-Touching” companies on the other hand, are cultivators, distributors, producers of concentrates or any company that “touches” the plant in some way, and earn funds directly from monetizing the cannabis plant.

The distinction is valuable to investors because there is a higher degree of risk perceived with “plant touching” investments. Most of the investments discussed in major news outlets concerns investments in cannabis that are actually investments in non-plant touching, or ancillary, cannabis businesses. Examples would be greenhouse manufacturers, commercial real estate, law, cultivation nutrients, compliance software systems, etc.

Grupo Flor is unique in that its bedrock endeavor, commercial real estate, is Ancillary, or Non-Plant Touching while it also holds future interests in Plant Touching endeavors that it may access when the federal cannabis enforcement position softens. Unlike competitors in the cannabis space, Grupo Flor’s advantage is economic and operational diversity, allowing a great amount of flexibility as we learn the nature and nuances of California’s newly regulated cannabis environment.

2. Is your company currently producing revenue?

Yes. Unlike most cannabis companies, Grupo Flor is currently producing a monthly profit. The Grupo Flor ecosystem was founded at the end of 2015 and is today generating monthly revenue from our commercial lease portfolio of two million square feet of commercial space throughout Monterey County, CA.

3. What are the opportunities to get involved as an investor?

In January, 2018, Grupo Flor launched its first round of funding to expedite the build out and expansion of our ecosystem to take full advantage of the recent regulatory “reset” in the California cannabis industry. The funds are being used to more quickly develop cultivation activity, build out manufacturing and distribution facilities and support roll out of retail establishments through 2019. The financing round seeks to raise $5,000,000 and the investment opportunity is the purchase of preferred shares of equity.

Finally, investment is but one form of participation. At Grupo Flor, we maintain a culture of remaining open to expanding our ecosystem of relationships, from landowners and equipment financiers to cultivators and all type of entrepreneurs looking to add value.

4) How do I get involved?

If you want to learn more please send an email to Joe@grupoflor.com and we will contact you to set up a meeting to discuss further details.

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