Local Legislative Look

If you have not yet, please join the Monterey County Cannabis Industry Association (“MCCIA”) which was created to advocate and promote all aspects of the industry. MCCIA is providing much needed industry representation, education and leadership throughout the region. If for no other reason, consider this one word: tax. Our communities’ very survival depends on adjusting the Monterey County cultivation tax in favor of a more sensible alternative. Like we always say, “if you’re in pot, you’re in politics.” Join MCCIA and help define the word “sensible” for our future tax and participate in a community effort.


We are hoping that the Monterey County Supervisors will seriously look at including outdoor cultivation in the near term. MCCIA offers those of us interested in outdoor cultivation an opportunity to create a well articulated strategy to make this dream a reality – not just growers fearful of being left behind, but a broad based cannabis community as a whole, including non-plant touching folks – the doctors, lawyers, accountants, powerful lobbyists … you get the picture.