But first, why Grupo Flor?

If you’ve been around this thing for a minute, you know the California cannabis marketplace is severely fractured and regional. Grupo Flor’s goal has been to create a regional “ecosystem” that is strong in a diversity of relationships. We think of it as a large meadow we helped plant with our commercial real estate leasing. While we also have a few flowers in that meadow, like 710 Combinator Co., the meadow is larger than us. We regularly connect folks together without any personal gain other than growing this ecosystem. We think by mid-2018 our Monterey County ecosystem is going to “pop” forward as a leading region in California’s cannabis marketplace.

“I’m not aware of a single regulated market entrant who is doing well right now; we are all struggling with this transition. It’s painful, but I guess that’s expected in historically significant times. But look, I can tell you this – the Grupo commitment to supporting the growth of the Monterey County cannabis community at-large remains a central ethic around here. While survival demands an inward focus, you will see some really cool cannabis community growth efforts from Grupo in 2018.” Gavin Kogan, Co-founder of Grupo Flor