Meet Our Team

At the end of alcohol prohibition in the 1930s, industry entrepreneurs fired up the old stills, the retired distribution systems and of course, the financial and political relationships. But in cannabis – we’ve never had any of that before! We are creating this industry from scratch.

With depth of expertise in commercial real estate, cannabis laws, ag technology and relationship building, Grupo Flor’s founders set out to shape a local cannabis ecosystem that would play a large part in the state’s future cannabis supply chain. That goal requires vision, creativity, patience and not just a little bit of determination.

Gavin Kogan

Gavin Kogan is commercial cannabis attorney, political advocate and entrepreneur dedicated to the curious intersection of cultural revolution and business opportunity. His creative enthusiasm for start-ups and scaling new businesses for growth is well suited to California’s emerging cannabis industry.

As one of California’s earliest cannabis business attorneys, he has been involved in the development of many cannabis related endeavors. As an entrepreneur, Gavin has been prolific, co-founding many cannabis enterprises such as Reaper, a powered shears for trimming cannabis, Indus Holding Co., which launched Altai Brands, a low-dosage edibles brand and brought Colorado’s Dixie Elixirs to the California market in 2015.

Presently, Gavin is one of the co-founders of Grupo Flor, a family of companies engaged in cannabis real estate leasing, entrepreneur finance and strategic partnerships throughout the entire cannabis supply chain, from nurseries to dispensaries. Formed as a loose network rather than a centralized business unit, Grupo Flor’s architecture was designed for speed and adaptability in responding to the evolving regulatory landscape.

The projects that most interest Gavin are those that challenge cultural prejudices and show leadership in evolving new ideas and perspectives. To his mind, the cannabis (r)evolution is a once-in-a-lifetime tool for shaping the American culture into a more tolerant and kind society.

Gavin is a member of the California State Bar Association, National Cannabis Industry Attorney’s Association, National & California Cannabis Industry Association and is a founding member of California Cannabis Manufacturer’s Association. He is a frequent speaker on regulatory and consumer safety issues being addressed by the evolving cannabis industry.

Gavin lives in Monterey County, California and is an avid reader, yogi, surfer and general adventurer.

Mike Bitar

Mike Bitar, Co-Founder of Grupo Flor, has emerged as a leader in the cannabis industry, advocating for sound policy that strikes a balance between a thriving business environment and safe communities.  Mike has worked closely with local policy makers to help guide the industry forward.  In addition to the development of commercial cannabis real estate, he has provided assistance in drafting language for several of the local ordinances and is helping to ensure that Monterey County continue to be an agricultural leader in this newly emerging industry.

As a long-time resident of Monterey County, Michael has a deep understanding of this area and has developed strong relationships in the community. He has over a decade of experience managing and owning real estate companies throughout the County, specializing in both residential and commercial real estate.  As a licensed Real Estate Broker, he has owned and operated many agencies, including Executive Estates, Executive Commercial and Executive Property Management.  Executive Estates is a family-owned company, focused on residential properties. They have sold over 1200 properties in Monterey, Santa Cruz, San Benito and Fresno Counties.  Executive Commercial ranges from small commercial lots to large scale planned master communities.  They manage over 350,000 square feet of industrial space, 100,000 square feet of retail space and 35,000 square feet of mixed-use space.  Executive Property Management currently manages almost 200 units ranging from single family homes to large apartment complexes.

Prior to real estate, Mike owned and operated several restaurants, and continues to impress his friends and family with his love of cooking.  He lives in Pacific Grove, California, where he and his wife Ola are raising their six children.  Mike attended Hartnell Community College in Salinas, where he studied business.  He speaks English, Spanish and Arabic.

Omar Bitar

Omar Bitar is an owner and broker at Executive Estates Realty, Executive Commercial and Executive Property Management in Salinas, California.  His focus has been on finding and securing appropriate cannabis locations throughout Monterey County and the entire State of California.

Omar’s has been doing business in Monterey County for over a decade and his extensive knowledge of the local community has been a great asset in the newly emerging cannabis industry.  He has a deep understanding of how local ordinances may affect property values and how to find property that is compliant with local and state laws.  His involvement with local advocacy efforts was instrumental in securing the passage of key cannabis ordinances.

Omar manages several hundred thousand square feet of real estate currently being used for indoor cannabis cultivation in Monterey County, and is a resident expert on BioTrackTHC systems, the premier cannabis tracking system.

Since 1965, Omar’s family has owned and managed several dozen businesses in the community, including a successful auto dealership.

Omar and his wife are raising their three children on the Monterey Peninsula.

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